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We Leave At Dawn!

We Leave At Dawn!

Or at least that was the plan!  We went to pick up Jonas from his dad’s and we had to buy breakfast (breakfast burrito’s and a hungry four year old just didn’t work so we had to make a dash to Chick Fila) and finish loading up the luggage when we got back to Grandma’s.  So instead of leaving at 6:00 am Central time we actually left Saginaw at 7:30 ish!

Our route was planned, we had talked to our friends Jim and Connie and they gave us advice on the easiest route to take to Utah with a 4 year old and me!  Straight up through Oklahoma and into Kansas where we made a left and straight through Colorado into Utah before heading up again! We were ready to hit the road!

We cross the Red River on I35 and it has been a while since we have seen that much water in the Red River.  It was pretty red!  The visitors center in Thackerville, OK is a welcome sight.  Jonas gets out and heads for the forest.  He stops suddenly and expresses his fear of zombies and stormadoes.  We need to get out of Oklahoma fast!

Our plan is to make it to Hayes, KS before nightfall.  I have traveling on the interstate through places I have never been before because it is really not fair to judge a state on a drive through.  We have all been to Oklahoma before and we all like different parts of the state.  So driving the interstate makes the trip faster.  We stop Edmond to eat at Cracker Barrel and we enjoy a good lunch that the OP’s would be proud of.

We don’t have many scheduled stops in Oklahoma except for gas and bathroom breaks.  But we do see this in Tonkawa:



Jonas was thankful that we didn’t encounter any storms in Oklahoma but it started raining on us in Kansas.  It’s been a long time since  lunch and not to many roadside attractions to catch our attention and we are hungry so we check on Trip Advisor and decide on Genova Italian Restaurant in the town of Newton, good food and good service made it a good stop.

Amy and Julie are not impressed with Kansas but I have a plan.  A couple of place, where I have always wanted to go but they were never on my route through Kansas.  I was  hoping a detour through Lindsborg would change their mind.

It was beautiful and we enjoyed walking, visiting shops, talking to the local people and looking the the Herd of Wild Dala horses.  Jonas had a couple of favorites. We all want to come back and stay in this town a few days.

Jonas and his horse!


We take a scenic byway to our next stop, Mushroom Rock State Park, I mean, how can you pass that up? We learn that it is the smallest state park in Kansas and one of the eight wonders of Kansas Geography (Katy and I have already seen the Monument Rocks – the Chalk Pyramids but for some reason it didn’t make the list).  You have to go down a gravel road to get there but I think it was worth the stop!

Mushroom Rock

We finally make it to Hays, Kansas!  We are ready to be out of the truck and car!  Tomorrow we are headed to Denver.