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Family History in Cleburne, Texas

Family History in Cleburne, Texas

The bottom half of my siblings (me, Theresa, and Greg) were all born in Fort Worth but the upper crust (Gary, Debra and Tim) were all born in Cleburne.  I only lived in Cleburne for two years and I started 1st grader there too!  Our grandparents lived in Cleburne and we visited frequently.  We have aunts, uncles and cousins who lived in Cleburne and who still live in Cleburne.  It’s time for a visit.  We are going to Antique Alley!

I love staying at the Liberty Hotel.  It was built in 1924 and has been fully restored and it is a beautiful hotel.  You can walk to restaurants, antique stores and the courthouse.  You should check it out.  I booked a room for Cindy, Theresa and myself.

Bob and I had lunch at the Burger Bar before he dropped me off.  It was a good burger but I liked the fries better.  I think about Granny Bick whenever I have a burger.  She used to write me letters and tell me how much she loved Aunt Laverne and Uncle Roland bringing her a burger on Friday night.  It makes me smile!



I check into the Liberty and Bob heads back to work.  I take a nap and in no time Cindy and Theresa have arrived!  We make plans to meet up with Robbi and Shelley.  I tell Theresa and Cindy about a new game called Four Letters and this is what happened:


I didn’t have the heart to tell them they will never beat Greg or Julie’s score!

We walk around the corner (while we are waiting on the cousins) to visit some antique stores.  I love Heritage Home.  They have beautiful things!  We wander around and take a few pictures and walk over to Red Horse Antique.  We look around and I find this:



I love James T. Kirk but I leave him at the antique store.  We walk out of the store only to realize that the store is bigger so we can back in and explore two more sections and two more floors!

Robbi calls and ready to meet us at the hotel.  We load up in her car and take Cindy on a sightseeing trip of our family history in Cleburne (or at least part of it).  We start with a drive down Anglin street to see where Granny Nutt and Big Daddy lived.  There house is no longer there but it was right in front of the old Cleburne hospital (just a shell of a building now).  We laugh and talk about our grandparents.  We drive to Granny Bick’s house and it still looks the same.  Shelley is at a ballgame and wants us to wait on her so we go to the cemetery to visit the graves of our grandparents and great-grandparents.  We start with Josephine M. Bicknell and her husband James Clinton Bicknell.  We always love to tell the story of Myrtle Corbin.  Just ask one of us some time. We also visit the graves of our grandparents Alma Cordelia Bicknell and Clinton Francis Bicknell.  As you know from previous posts I like to visit cemeteries and we find some pretty interesting people in this one.

Shelley caught up with us and we go to eat at Susannah’s.  We call this an OP place.  OP is for old people but the food is good.  After we order and the laughter has begun, much to our surprise Uncle Gene and Aunt Shelia come in so we pull another table over and let them join in on the fun.  Shelley’s kids also show up and add to the fun.

We go back to the hotel with Robbi, Shelley and three of Shelley’s kids and we laugh a whole lot more before they have to leave.

I was tired.  Theresa stayed up and played Four Letter for a long time.  We all three snore and Theresa records me and Cindy snoring.  I will save that for another trip when I can get a recording of Theresa snoring too!

See you in the morning!









Happy Anniversary to my sister Debra and her husband, Fred! How many years has it been 37?

Bob’s alarm clock went off at 6:30 this morning. He always hits snooze about 3 times before he actually gets up and that usually lets him sleep for about 30 more minutes but he forgot about Jonas being in the room with us. Jonas was wide awake at 6:30 and ready to eat breakfast. He takes after his mother. So while we are waiting on Bob and Amy to get ready, Jonas and I got downstairs to see if there is any wildlife for us to see.

I love the lodge where we staying, we sat on the porch and looked at the swallows and then we walked out on the lawn where Jonas saw a rabbit. He chased that rabbit but never caught him.

We eat breakfast at the Safari Camp. It was a good breakfast: scrambled eggs, biscuits, sausage, gravy, cereal, milk, orange juice, etc. Bob had his morning coffee so all was well with the world.

Jonas and I go out to look at the stream with some other kids. I decided to let him chase frogs so we take his shoes off and there he goes. About the time he gets good and wet his mom discovers what I have let him do and to show off Jonas chooses that moment to scoop water onto his hair. He is so cute. We caught two baby frogs but they got away before Jonas could touch one.

On the way to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, Jonas fell asleep so we went into Glen Rose to get Amy her morning diet Coke. She is just like her dad! A stop at the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce lets us get our Dinosaur Hunting Permit (Restricted to Somervell County). This allows us “to hunt for, pursue, and remove the following types of reptilian wild game: Brontosauraus –one only (adult male); Trachodon –one only weighing not less than 2,000 lbs. and Allosaurus – two only (without young)”. Amy is ready to go hunting!

We make it to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose and because we stayed at the Fossil Rim Lodge we get admission at no extra cost. We stop and buy a bag of feed and we are ready to go. I can’t tell who is more excited Amy or Bob. Amy is our tour director because she used to work at the Fort Worth Zoo. We are tossing feed out mainly to deer but then we encounter the European Red Deer and it just sticks it’s head right into the backseat window where Jonas and I are! Jonas was so excited especially when it licked him!

When we reach the halfway point there is a gift shop and a petting zoo. Jonas and Pop got to spend time with the goats. We bought a few things at the gift shop and we are back in the suburban to go feed the giraffes. Someone told us the giraffes were not coming up to the cars today so when we pulled up next to them Amy crawled up in the sunroof and started shaking the feed bag, the giraffe header her way so we handed Jonas to Amy so he could feed the giraffes. We were so excited because these are the only animals at the center that you can feed out of your hand. But the giraffe had other ideas and came to my side of the car. So I had the feed and Jonas! It was so much fun watching my grandson get excited about the giraffe and having the giraffe eat out of my hand. Happy memory!

We drive through the cheetah complex and Amy gets to see some cheetahs under the trees.

We are hungry by this point and Koffee Kup Kafe in Hico is our destination. We enjoyed our chicken fried steak but the pie alone was worth the visit. Katy calls and says she and Julie are heading to Cleburne so we make it to the Liberty Hotel at the same time. This hotel was built in 1924 and has been beautifully restored. We come every year and stay there when the Wesley Methodist United Methodist Church in Cleburne has its annual Lord’s Acre.

Next stop after a brief nap is Waxahachie.

We lived in Italy, Texas for three years when the girls were little and we loved to eat at Joe’s Best Burger in Waxahachie. He made the best pizza and we loved his French Burger. We read an article that said the College Street Pub made a French Burger so we are going to try it out. We found a house that looked like the one from “The Munsters” maybe it would look better at Halloween.

Our burgers were great at the Pub where we enjoyed sitting outside and having appetizers of corn poppers and fried green beans. After we finish eating we stroll down to the Ellis County Courthouse (1896) and look at the faces that the courthouse is famous for. Jonas enjoyed playing with bubbles on the courthouse lawn.

Amy’s day isn’t through yet. Dairy Queen blizzards are requested and we go to the DQ in Cleburne and order Brown Derby’s for Jonas and myself, everyone else has a blizzard. Jonas wasn’t sure what to do with the hard chocolate on the ice cream but we had a lot of fun watching him.


See you on the road.