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The First Sell is the Sweetest!

The First Sell is the Sweetest!

I took a lot of career tests after I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Home Economics from Lubbock Christian University. Full circle.

I started college at the ripe old age of 22 as a married woman and the mother of two young daughters. Bob watched the girls while I commuted from Allison to Pampa to attend night classes at Clarendon Junior College. Bob was my academic advisor. I was supposed to sign up for “Basic” classes and I came home that first night enrolled in English 101, Principles of Real Estate and Real Estate Appraisal an of course they were all on different nights of the week. I was going to be a Real Estate Agent!

Then we moved to DeSoto.

I started taking classes at night at Dallas County Community College in business. I decided I was going to open my own Day Care.

Then we moved to Italy and our 3rd child was born. I continued taking basic classes but now I was attending Navarro College.I finished most of the basics and made the decision to attend Texas Woman’s University in Denton. Another long commute except this time Amy and Julie were in school and I attended day classes. Katy went with me and attended the day care the college offered to students. I switched my major to Child Development and decided to become a Child Life Specialist.

We moved again to Wilson, Texas. This time I switched to Home Economics. Don’t ask me why but I believe it was the fastest way to finish my degree and I graduated Cum Laude from Lubbock Christian University.

Well Hell. Normal people go to grad school, right? So I drove down the road to Texas Tech University and enrolled in graduate schools. I was labeled a GRUD, for Graduate, Undecided. That is when the testing started. It didn’t matter how many tests I took or what kind it was my top three choices were always

Funeral Home Director (I can’t look at dead bodies)
Priest (I am not Catholic)
Salesman (I am too honest to be a salesman that is why I didn’t go into Real Estate)

And here I am. Selling beltbuckles. Praying that I make enough money to support myself until I die.

Full circle. Let the selling begin!



P. S. I am not, repeat not going back to school, grad school or any other school unless I am visiting as a grandparent.

A New Adventure

A New Adventure

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”  — Oprah Winfrey

I have started a new adventure.  I left my career in education to begin a new career as co-owner of The Rockin’ Rooster.  My partners are my younger sister, Theresa, and my younger brother, Greg, and my first best friend, Cindy!  Let the adventures begin!