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24 hours in Arkansas

24 hours in Arkansas
24 hours in Arkansas

I know it was a short trip but it was an inspirational, motivating kind of trip. The bottom half of the siblings (as my mom calls us).  I prefer the Fort Worth kids!  The first three born in Cleburne and the last three in Fort Worth.

I love traveling with Greg and Theresa. Riley came along too.  So here is what we did in a 24 hour period!

Two States

It is always fun to stop and stand in two states at the same time.  So the short detour in Texarkana is worth it.  Riley jumped back and forth between the two states.  He has so much energy.

Our first official stop in Arkansas caused a lot of debate when we started planning to visit the “Glass Church”.  There are actually three in Arkansas and everybody that saw the photos thought we were at the other ones.  We stopped at Garvan Gardens and attempted to visit Anthony Chapel but alas they were getting ready for a wedding.  The gardens and the chapel were both beautiful!

Anthony Chapel Garvan Gardens

It was a brief visit.  We enjoyed our sandwiches and headed back on the road to Conway.  We were going to watch Drew and the Austin College Kangaroos football team.  It was hot!  AC Roos Pre Game Prayer IMG_0146IMG_0147

Drew is #15 on the sideline holding the XO sign.  Theresa and I escape from the heat to do a little junk store shopping in Conway.  After the game we visit with Drew and then make our next stop on the map Little Rock!  I know that really makes me sing everytime.

I have been to Little Rock multiple times but on this occasion we opt to stay downtown.  I love bridges and one in particular has captured my attention.

Big Dam Bridge

It was amazing.  Little Rock has a Big Dam Bridge! Evidently it is the longest pedestrian and bicycle bridge in the United States at 4,226 feet spanning the Arkansas River.  We went at night. There were a lot of people walking, biking and just like us, enjoying the night.  It connects to an expansive walking and biking trail.  I just thought Riley would have a blast telling his teachers on Monday that he visited a big dam bridge!

The next morning we see more bridges.  IMG_0167 IMG_0170 IMG_0172

I like Little Rock.  It had good food and was a nice city.  As with all of our trips to try to find some history and in Little Rock part of the history was the Civil Rights movement.


Central High School is still a beautiful school but the history and the bravery of the nine African American students who helped break the barrier tugged at my heart strings as both an American and as a parent.  I kept asking myself if I could have been brave enough, if my faith would have been strong enough to let my child take those steps.  I am thankful for those who came before me.

IMG_0184 IMG_0190

It’s a Sunday morning in Arkansas and the campus is quiet, no students, no noise.  A peaceful place in comparison to almost 60 years ago.

We enjoyed our visit to Arkansas.  There are still many places I would like to visit in this state.  We will be back.