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New England in the Fall

New England in the Fall

Katy and I are leaving for New England, the plane is ready to board! We are flying with American Airlines, picked the early flight and we should arrive in Boston around 11:00 am! DFW is not crowded when you arrive at 5:15, we were the only people in line to check our luggage and the only ones at the security checkpoint. People everywhere have Starbuck’s coffee in their hand, which makes me wonder how much money they make at DFW on an average day.

The flight is not full so I have an entire row to myself and Katy moved to another window seat. My students asked me yesterday about flying and I did not realize how many had never been on a plane. I was in my 20’s when I flew for the first time. I love seeing places from above but I am extremely afraid of falling. Right now we having a bumpy flight above the clouds. Katy is already asleep. We are finally over the rough spot and the sun is rising, just peaking over the wing of our plane. It is beautiful, the start of a new day.

We are getting a rental car at Logan International Airport and then heading to Cape Cod! Picking up the rental from Enterprise was so confusing. In efforts to allure you to something bigger and better or just flat out con you, they let you pick the rental you want based on what is there in the lot rather than just giving me what I requested. So now we are paying more than what we planned because we were conned into getting something bigger (mom will say it wasn’t big enough.

The Cape & P-town

The Cape & P-town
The Cape & P-town

The Cape is not really what I expected. Maybe because of the time of year we went, I don’t know. I think i had though that it was the like The Hamptons of Boston. The drive up had lots of quaint towns. Small, pedestrian friendly, and local – nothing commercial (With the exception of Dunkin Donuts. No matter where we go, there is always a DD nearby!) I also liked how most of the houses

We stopped at the Green Briar Nature Center and Jam Kitchen. It was raining, so we only visited the jam kitchen. It was cute. I am not much into jams especially when the sample has no toast to sample it with. The aroma I the kitchen was positively delicious, they were making pepper relishes, tomato relish, and blueberry jam.


Our first visit on the shore is at Sandy Neck Beach. This beach was covered in a variety of rocks each one unique. We add a couple to your collection!

We stop at Nauset Light Beach and, even though Cape Cod National Seashore is officially closed because of our government meltdown, we are still able to access the beach. The seals are in the water staring at us the entire time. We leave after a brief visit so the seals can enjoy the beach!




As we drove into Provincetown my first impression was ” great a strip of sand with as many beach houses you can squeeze on it. ” while it does squeeze as much as it can, it’s definitely more than what first meets the eye. While it is not the quintessential New England town as those driving up highway 1a, it definitely has it’s own authenticity: A historic foundation with a pedestrian friendly / small town atmosphere, influenced by a mod podge of tourists, sprinkled with a salty breeze and sandy beaches, mixed with a sense of directional challenges, and a spirit of extreme liberalism.

We knew prior to our arrival that we were driving into the Gay and Lesbian capital of the U.S. We didn’t know this when we made our Hotel reservations, and I don’t think we really grasped this concept until we actually arrived. It was a bit of a cultural shock at first, especially being for a Texas and all, After about 10 minutes we decided it had to be the lesbian capital of the world! Little did we know, until three hours later that it’s actually Women’s Week ” the largest cultural event for lesbians in the world”. Yes! so here mom and I are walking around the streets, being handed flyers for comedians and cabaret shows, no clue where all this is coming from we are assuming it’s always this way – Like Vegas for G&Ls . Mom is over emphasizing the word daughter when referencing to me. as we continue walking down the street, we go by a post office and mom wants to mail a pre-stamped and addressed letter. She pulls it out of her purse and there quite fittingly the back of the envelope is a rainbow!

We ate dinner at the Lobster Pot. Great service, the waiter was very helpful and friendly, but the lobster was not great and the prices were a little over the top. On our walk back to the b&b we stopped for ice cream. Mom got almond joy and I peanut butter cup (warning: these were not Reese peanut butter cup but some small generic brand – I couldn’t get over the fact that it wasn’t Reese’s. Mom can’t eat and walk so we stop in front of town hall on a bench to watch the passing bys. We look up and there are three men sitting in front of a wide framed window. Looking out at the street like they are watching a football game. We watch them trying to figure out what there are talking and looking at. Turns out they are the Knights of Columbus and we’re just assuming their a bunch of old farts. After ice cream we finish our walk and get bombarded with even more flyers to “come check out this lovely lady” and also passed by the “toys of Eros” story which had some metal cages in the lawn that was quite disturbing. Determined that this place is not exactly what we expected we hurringly return to our room and retire for the night. It was then and only then after picking up a magazine in the foyer did we learn that tonight was the first night of “women’s week”.

Other than the cultural shock, it was a rather entertaining and memorable experience. If ever need to conduct a sociological transect it’s a fabulous place for observation!!