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Amy’s Birthday

Amy’s Birthday

We started off planning to go to Oklahoma City to celebrate Amy’s 31st birthday but plans change and we headed south instead of north. Our new destination was now Austin. Jonas loves trains and we love Jonas so we stop in Temple to visit the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum.

We enjoyed getting to see old trains and new ones and Jonas enjoyed the miniature train ride.


We had lunch a a local bakery and made our afternoon plans. We decided to stop in Round Rock and even though I have been through this town hundreds of times, I was surprise by their downtown area. It was beautiful. We discovered this area when we were looking for a park. The park was amazing as well. It was a mixed ability park. There was something there for everybody. I liked the small town, Jonas loved the swings, Amy and Julie enjoyed the spinning seats.




We had so much fun that we went back the next morning for Jonas to play some more. You should check it out!

See ya on the road!