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Six Flags and Jr. High Students

Six Flags and Jr. High Students

May 23, 2012

I am an 8th grade class sponsor and with that job comes the responsibility of taking 8th graders to Six Flags over Texas. If ever I needed my sisters on a trip, it was this one! I have included the dates when things were built just so you can laugh along with me.

We went to Six Flags every year when we were kids. I have always been afraid of heights (or really afraid of falling) so some of the rides terrified me. The worst one was the slide. Do any of you remember that slide that was attached to the oil derrick? My younger brother, Greg, would be up and down it three times before I could even get to the top of the slide. I think I might have actually slid down one time because I spent most of my time sitting on the steps and scooting back down!

I am six days older than Six Flags over Texas! That can be really scary when you think about it. Last year my daughter, Julie taught at North Hopkins with me and she just happened to be an 8th grade class sponsor. When we arrived at Six Flags last year I discovered that Six Flags was celebrating its 50th year, I decided since I was turning 50 as well I would ride some rides. We always have some 8th graders who are terrified of the “scary rides” and I ride with them. You can go ahead and start laughing.

Julie and I road the Bob Sled, Log Ride (1963), Antique Cars, Train (1961) , Caddo Lake Barge (2006), Runaway Mine Train (1966), Gunslinger (1983), Speelunkers Cave (1964), Judge Roy Scream (1980), Roaring Rapids and then Julie talked me into riding the Rocket (2006). I can’t believe I got on a ride that suspended me upside down for that long. I really did enjoy it but not enough to try it again this year. I did pay Julie back by talking her into riding the Texas Chute Out (1976) . We were both okay until we hit the tree line and then we both started screaming when we realized how high we were. Thanks Jules for riding with me. I loved every minute of it. The worse ride for me was the Judge Roy scream, I thought my teeth were going to rattle out of my head!

So this year the scary rides were the Bob Sled, Log Ride, Runaway Mine Train and the Shock Wave (1978). I can honestly tell you that this will be my last year to ride with the 8th graders. My body hurts. I came off the seat a couple of times on the Shockwave and I never let go or quit screaming. The worst part of the Shockwave is the very beginning where the ride goes straight up! The 8th graders loved it and rode it about six more times.

On a side note, while we were riding the train I hear someone calling my name. I didn’t look around at first because I thought they were talking to someone else but she was persistent. I turned around and it was a friend of Wanda and Deniece (the infamous Blount Sisters). I had met Brenda this summer while we were touring the Panhandle of Texas. I couldn’t believe that she recognized me. She had brought a group of 8th graders to Six Flags. TheY caught a plane in Amarillo and a limo picked them up at the airport. They toured the Texas Rangers stadium and then came to Six Flags. The limo was picking the up and taking them back to the airport. How exciting!

We always end the day at Six Flags by meeting at the carousel and then going to ride the Conquistador (1981). I love this ride! We laugh so much with the kids and it is a great way to end the day. So even though my body aches and my throat is scratchy it was worth helping them overcome their fears.

I really wish that I could thank my Dad for riding all those scary rides with me. He always made things look so easy and I miss him.

See you on the road!